Heatable Now Delivers to Outside Tanks

Posted on October 27 2021


Good news for all you outdoorsy type - err - outdoor tank types 😜 We now deliver heating oil to outside tanks!

That said, while having heating oil delivered to your outdoor tank (vs. kerosene) can save you a buck, it can also be a little risky. So we want to make sure you have the full scoop before we make our first delivery:

🥶 Heating oil will cease to flow when exposed to below freezing winter temperatures.

🌡️ Technically speaking, heating oil waxing, clouding or gelling begins to occur at about 16 degrees Fahrenheit.

😬 Waxing, clouding, or gelling of heating oil in either your tank, filter, or oil line will prevent the burner on your heating system from working and would require a visit from your favorite heating oil service technician. This won’t be fun or inexpensive on a cold January evening.

👍 Adding an antigel additive to your outside tank will prevent waxing, clouding, and gelling and allow the heating oil to continue to reach your heating system.

⚒️ Antigel heating oil additives can be purchased at most home improvement stores or through your favorite online retailer. Heatable does not sell or provide additives.

🧪 The additive can be added directly into your tank either before or after we make your delivery.

If this seems easy-peasy to you then go ahead and tap, tap, swipe on the app (or clickity clack on your keyboard) and we’ll have your first delivery on its way before you know it.

Got questions? We have answers. Just drop us a line at [email protected]