Super Low Heating Oil Prices in Maine and New Hampshire

Heatable makes ordering heating oil as easy as one, two, three (clicks, that is)! See that bright orange check price box? Give it a try. It’s ready when you are or simply go to our homepage. Just enter your zip to check today’s super low oil price and place an order. On your smartphone? Just tap, tap, swipe on the Heatable app and we bring the heat. Literally. In our bright orange trucks. Simple as that.

But how easy is it to order heating oil, really?

As easy as ordering new boots on Zappos or an electric blanket on Amazon. All you have to do is:

Ready to order heating oil?

  1. Check your price & delivery date: Enter your zip and we’ll tell you today’s super low heating oil price and how quick we can get it there.
  2. Order your oil: Tell us in how many gallons you want and which credit card you’ll use. Don’t worry, we won’t charge your card until AFTER we deliver the goods.
  3. Get your oil: The easiest part of all. We tell you when you can expect your heating oil, and then our truck delivers it. It’s seriously that easy.
You can order discount heating oil anywhere, any time – including right here, right now from your computer, or on your smartphone with our easy-to-use Heatable app. Heatable currently delivers home heating oil to many towns in Maine and New Hampshire. Click here to find our full heating oil delivery area.

Need to know more?

Lower heating oil prices for all
At Heatable we’re all about super-low heating oil prices. And we offer the same low price to everyone. No price-chasing or negotiation necessary. No special pricing for new customers, waiting for a special or searching for a deal. We just go straight to the lowest possible price on heating oil – the first time and every time. We don’t even give ourselves a discount. *facepalm*
Heating oil superstars
Heatable is new to the industry, but the people behind it aren’t. We’re industry veterans who’ve been around the block. Hundreds of thousands of times. And we know how to safely deliver heating oil, on time, every time, no matter how wicked cold the temps are. We've seen many other industries transformed by technology, and we wanted to bring the local heating company into the smartphone era.
Order heating oil anywhere, anytime – even from our app.
Order oil on the go, wherever you have a WIFI connection or cell service. With just two taps and a swipe, your low price heating oil is on its way. Hooray! Our web and app are what makes Heatable so different from other heating oil companies.
Do you have a minimum oil delivery?
Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons, but only because it costs more to deliver less than that, and our primary goal is to keep the price as low as possible.
How easy is it?  
All you have to do is check the price (easy as entering your zip code), tell us your address and where to find your heating oil tank, let us know how much oil you need (or just to fill the tank), enter your payment info and we’ll be on our way. Once you’ve signed up your next order will be as easy as 3 clicks (or two taps and a swipe on your smartphone) and we’ll bring the heat.
Where do you deliver to?

Currently we deliver to many towns in New Hampshire and Maine. You can view a full list of our delivery areas here. If you don’t see your town listed, just drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll let you know when we’re in your neighborhood.

Do you have a specific heating oil delivery schedule?
Nope, we let the customers drive our schedule. So, when you enter your zip code we’ll be able to tell you when you can expect your delivery. And then we’ll follow through. Pinky promise.
What are your delivery days?
We deliver Monday-Friday all year round and seven days a week in the winter. Because winter storms really don’t care what day it is. The best part? There’s no extra charge for weekend delivery – because that would defeat the purpose of a low price, no?
Do you make your own deliveries or does another company deliver for you?
It’s all us. We handle all our own heating oil deliveries, so we can make sure the oil shows up when you need it, you can check out pictures of our beautiful bright orange trucks by clicking here.
What does “deliver by” mean?
It means your oil will be in the tank by that date. Usually sooner, but definitely not later. And just in case our pinky promise isn’t enough, we’ll slash 10 cents a gallon off the price if for some odd reason we miss our deadline. Game on.
Do you deliver after hours?
In order to keep our prices to a minimum we typically deliver between the crack of dawn and dinner time.
What do I do if I run out of heating oil at night?
First, come up with a good story for your SO about why you forgot to order oil. Then, put an order through on the website or app ASAP. Once your order is in, then contact us to let us know your situation and we'll do what we can to prioritize your delivery. To keep your system going until we are able to get there, head to your local gas station with a 5-gallon fuel container and purchase a few gallons of diesel fuel (DIESEL – NOT GASOLINE – this is critical!) and put the diesel fuel in your fill pipe. Diesel fuel at the pump is essentially the same as the heating oil we deliver. A couple gallons will keep you going until we get there, so sit tight and we’ll be there soon.
How can I pay?
With anything plastic (i.e. a credit or debit card).
Why don’t you take check or cash?
Because one of the things we heard from our customers is that they do not like dealing with checks and cash. So, we moved to a credit or debit model that allows you to pay straight from your computer or smartphone, and allows us to keep processing and prices to a minimum. It also makes it way easier to track your payments and when you last ordered – all from inside our your smartphone. 
What are your hours of operation?
With Heatable you can order 24/7 - that’s pretty much our biggest asset. All you need is the internet. Just Tap, Tap, Swipe - and we bring the heat. If you do need to talk to us for real, though, our office is available during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8-5pm. We’ll be here with bells on.
How do I know how much heating oil I need?
If you have a typical 275-gallon tank you can estimate based on 240 usable gallons. If your meter is at a half, you have 120 gallons in the tank and need another 120 gallons to fill it. If it’s at a quarter you need 180 gallons. If it’s at another level, you need a calculator. When in doubt, “order at a quarter!”
What happens if I order more than my oil tank can take?
No worries. You don’t have to pay for the extra oil that doesn’t fit in your tank. We only charge you for the heating oil we actually deliver. At first, we’ll authorize a payment for the full amount that you order (kind of like at a hotel or gas station), but if the actual delivery is less the amount charged will be adjusted to reflect that.
What happens if the price of heating oil goes up or down after I order?
Once you order, don’t even worry about the price. Even if the price is higher on the day we deliver, you’ll pay the price-per-gallon that we quoted on the day you ordered. This isn’t healthcare, it’s heating oil – we’ll tell you the actual price upfront and stick to it no matter what.
Do you charge my card right away?
Nope. We authorize payment for what you order upfront. We don’t actually charge your card for the exact amount of heating oil until we put it in your tank.
Do you offer automatic delivery?
We leave you in control of how much oil you need and when to order. It’s how we’re able to offer such a low price, and also means you get to order when the price is right, not when it’s convenient for your heating oil company.
Will you deliver to an outside tank?
No. We recommend that anyone with an outside tank use kerosene or a blend of heating oil and diesel. Otherwise your oil will freeze (or gel) in the winter and ain’t nobody got time for that. Especially your equipment, which can be permanently damaged.
Does Heatable offer equipment service?
We don’t. Only because there are already plenty of great people out there who do, and many of our customers have told us they have that covered already. Our goal is to keep our heating oil prices as low as they go. Call an HVAC tech with great google reviews.
Where does the heating oil you deliver to me come from?
We pick up our heating oil from several major wholesale suppliers in New Hampshire and Maine. They supply all of the heating oil companies in the area. Which begs the question: if it’s all the same heating oil, why pay more for it?
Do you deliver to businesses?
Yup! We love small businesses. You can order directly through our website or app at the same low price for all … plus sales tax.
Is my personal information secure?
Yes, 100%. Seriously this is not something we play around with. That’s why we hired Dave and Phil – the smartest and coolest IT guys on the planet.
For those of you that speak internet security, Phil says: “Heatable uses a secure HTTPS encrypted connection and transport layer security (TLS) for everything that happens on the website. We host our site and business on Microsoft Azure, an extremely secure cloud service, and have security scanners, virus protectors, and firewalls in place to keep data safe.”
For those of you that are like, umm, what? That roughly translates to, we use all the best technology and follow all the best practices for securing information input into our website and app. No expense spared here.
Is my payment secure?
Once again, yes. As Phil says: “We use a card processing company,, for all payments. They are a secure PCI-DSS compliant card processor.” Which basically means they meet all the best practices for security. Also we never store your credit card number or security code (CVV - you know those numbers on the back) for any reason.