Discount Heating Oil Delivery in the Seacoast of New Hampshire and York County Maine

If you like paying less for your heating oil deliveries, Heatable makes ordering discount heating oil in the Seacoast of New Hampshire and York County Maine as easy as one, two, three (clicks, that is)! See that bright orange box? Just enter your zip on this page or go to our home page to check Heatable's super low heating oil price and place an order. On your smartphone? Just tap, tap, swipe on the Heatable app and we Bring the Heat! 

From our "World Headquarters" in Kittery, Maine, we deliver heating oil to the following towns in the Seacoast of New Hampshire and York County Maine:


New Hampshire

Cape Neddick Dover
Eliot East Rochester
Kittery New Castle
Kittery Point Newington
Berwick Portsmouth
North Berwick Rochester
South Berwick Rollinsford
York Rye
York Beach Rye Beach
York Harbor Somersworth

 If you don’t see your town on the list yet, just drop us an email with your zip code and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know when we’re headed your way.

How easy is it to order discount heating oil in the Seacoast New Hampshire and York County Maine, really?

Getting your discount heating oil from Heatable is as easy as ordering new boots on Zappos, or an electric blanket on Amazon. All you have to do is:
  1. Check your super low heating oil price and delivery date: Enter your zip and we’ll tell you today’s super low heating oil price and how quick we can get it there.
  1. Order your heating oil anytime, from anywhere: Tell us how many gallons you want and which card you’re using to pay for it. Don’t worry, we won’t charge your card until AFTER we deliver the goods.
  1. We bring the heat!: The easiest part of all. We tell you when you can expect your heating oil, and then our own heating oil truck delivers it. It’s seriously that easy.  (Learn more about us on our Home Page or About Us.)

How do we offer such low heating oil prices to homeowners in Maine and New Hampshire?

Heatable has automated just about everything, so we are able to keep our costs down and pass on the savings to you in the form of a super low price for heating oil. We also keep it simple by delivering just heating oil and offering one price, which helps keep our overhead low and our heating oil prices low as well.

Is there anything different about Heatable discount heating oil?

Nope. Just like other heating oil companies, we pick up heating oil at the wholesale supply terminals in Portsmouth and Newington, N.H. It’s the same high quality home heating oil you get from other companies. So, what’s different about Heatable? It’s our incredibly easy-to-use 24/7 Heatable app and website and super low heating oil prices that make us the “it’s about time” heating oil delivery company. You can order heating oil anytime, anywhere – like right now and right here from your smartphone or computer. Just tap, tap, swipe and we bring the heat.

How come I have never heard of Heatable before?

As home heating oil suppliers go, Heatable is new to the industry, but the people behind it aren’t. We’re heating oil industry veterans who’ve been around the block – more than once – and we know how to safely and efficiently deliver heating oil, on time, in the Seacoast New Hampshire and York County Maine. Ready to get started? Enter your zip code here to see if we’re in your town.

Does Heatable offer specials deals for new customers?

We don't, and here's why. We think everyone deserves the same low price for heating oil. You all know how it can be, new customers get special deals and long term customers are stuck paying a higher price (we're looking at you cable and cell phone companies). So we have a one price for all policy, which also keeps things simple for us.

Do you make your own deliveries?

Yes, we handle all our own deliveries, so we can make sure the oil shows up when we promised. We're a local heating oil company based in Kittery, Maine, and we have a fleet of bright orange trucks (check em out) that can make speedy heating oil deliveries throughout our delivery area in New Hampshire and Maine.

Ready to order discount heating oil in the Seacoast New Hampshire and York County Maine?

You can order super low price heating oil anywhere, anytime – including right here, right now from your computer, or on your smartphone with our easy-to-use Heatable app. Just tap, tap, swipe and we Bring the Heat! Simple as that. Seriously. Learn more about us on our Home Page or About Us.

Remind me again, what towns does Heatable deliver heating oil to Maine and New Hampshire?

Heatable currently delivers home heating oil to towns in Maine and New Hampshire.

Check out our Maine home heating oil delivery locations in York County MaineHeating Oil Delivery Cape NeddickHeating Oil Delivery EliotHeating Oil Delivery KitteryHeating Oil Delivery BerwickHeating Oil Delivery North BerwickHeating Oil Delivery South BerwickHeating Oil Delivery SanfordHeating Oil Delivery Springvale, and Heating Oil Delivery York.

Check out our New Hampshire home heating delivery locations in the Seacoast of New HampshireHeating Oil Delivery DoverHeating Oil Delivery RochesterHeating Oil Delivery East RochesterHeating Oil Delivery New CastleHeating Oil Delivery NewingtonHeating Oil Delivery PortsmouthHeating Oil Delivery RollinsfordHeating Oil Delivery Rye, and Heating Oil Delivery Somersworth.

Keep in mind that we are also in the process of expanding our delivery area. Our vision is to expand throughout New England. Please feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know what town you live in. We’ll make sure that you’ll be the first to know when we start bringing the heat to your town.

Maine and New Hampshire weather resources

Towns in Heatable’s delivery area get cold - wicked cold! We’ve included some links to local weather stations to make sure you know when the temps are about to drop, and order heating oil before you really, really need it.

Weather stations in the Seacoast of New Hampshire and York County Maine

Rye, NH Berwick, ME
Rye Beach, NH  South Berwick, ME
New Castle, NH  Eliot, ME
Newington, NH York, ME
Dover, NH    York Beach, ME
Rollingsford, NH York Harbor, ME
Rochester, NH Kittery, ME
Portsmouth, NH Kittery Point, ME
Somersworth, NH North Berwick, ME
  Sanford, ME
  Springvale, ME

Courtesy: Weather Underground

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