Discount Heating Oil Delivery in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Do you live in Cape Elizabeth, Maine? Do you need heating oil? Do you like paying less for it? Do you want us to stop asking rhetorical questions? Just grab your smartphone and Tap, Tap, Swipe – and your heating oil is on its way. With Heatable, it’s that easy.

The smart way to order heating oil in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Heatable makes ordering low priced heating as easy as ordering new boots on Zappos, or an electric blanket on Amazon. All you have to do to order heating oil in Cape Elizabeth, Maine is:

  1. Check your (super low) heating oil price and (super speedy) delivery date by entering your zip code in the orange check price box on this page or going to our homepage.
  2. You’re the boss now – tell us how many gallons you want and which card you’re using to pay for it. Don’t worry, we won’t charge your card until AFTER we deliver the goods.
  3. We Bring the Heat - ​on time, every time. We even text you to confirm it’s in the tank. You go home and take all the credit. Ta da!

That’s it! Boom. Done. Over. Check it off the list.

Why are Heatable's Cape Elizabeth, Maine heating oil prices so low?

Heatable is different from most heating oil companies. Here at Heatable we’re all about technology and how we can use it to make things easier and less expensive. Technology makes it easier for you to order heating oil and has allowed us to automate just about everything and reduce our costs. We pass along these savings to you, in the form super low prices. You're welcome!

Does Heatable deliver high quality heating oil?

We sure do. We purchase the finest quality ultra-low sulfur heating oil from wholesale suppliers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Portland, Maine.

Don't take our word for it, read what some of our customers are saying

We know, it all sounds too good to be true. We get that a lot. Fortunately, many of our customers have taken to social media to spread the word about Heatable. You can check out our hundreds of positive reviews on Facebook and Google.

If I need to, can I speak with a human?

Yes. We love talking to our customers. With the technology doing so much of the work for us, sometimes it can get quiet in the office, so we appreciate a call once in a while. Give us a call at 1.888.338.4477 or drop us a line at [email protected]. We’ll be here with bells on. Whatever that means.

Do you offer discounts?

We don’t, because we believe in offering better prices to some and higher prices to others. Nope. We have a one-low-price-for-all policy. No negotiating. No coupons. No punch cards. No contracts. No new customer only rates. The super-low price is the price is the super-low-price, no matter who you are or how keen your negotiating skills are. That’s making stuff easy, too.

Does Heatable have its own trucks?

We sure do. We have our own fleet of bright orange delivery trucks (check em out). We handle all our own deliveries so we can make sure the oil shows up when you need it, and when we promised it would be there. Period. 

Where else besides Cape Elizabeth, Maine does Heatable deliver heating oil?

Check out a full list of our delivery areas delivery areas on the right side of this page if you are on your computer (or at the bottom of the page on your phone).

Ready to order heating oil in Cape Elizabeth, Maine?

Simply enter your zip code in our orange check price box and check out our low oil prices now. Or download our app on the App Store or Google Play.

Where can I learn more about heating oil?

Glad you asked! We've prepared a highly excellent Ultimate Consumer Guide to Heating Oil. If you have a question about heating oil, it has the answer. Go check it out.

Where can I learn more about heating oil?

Glad you asked! We've prepared a highly excellent Ultimate Consumer Guide to Heating Oil. If you have a question about heating oil, it has the answer. Go check it out.

Oh, and if you’d like to know more about us – you know, things like who we are, what we do, how and why we keep our price so low – just check out About Us or our FAQs.

Cape Elizabeth, Maine weather resources

Cape Elizabeth gets cold. Brrrrr! We’ve included some weather facts (and Cape Elizabeth, Maine area forecast links) to make sure you order heating oil before you need it and stay as warm as a fuzzy little kitten.

Cape Elizabeth, Maine average temperatures

Month High / Low (°F) Record Low (°F)
January 33° / 21° -26° (1984)
February 36° / 23° -15° (1983)
March 44°/ 31° -06° (1982)
April 53° / 40° 13° (1976)
May 64° / 49° 15° (1985)
June 73° / 57° 33° (1983)
July 79° / 63° 38° (1978)
August 76° / 62° 33° (1982)
September 69° / 55° 23° (1978)
October 58° / 46° 17° (1976)
November 49° / 38° -06° (1989)
December 38° / 26° -17° (1989)

Cape Elizabeth, ME average weather sources: NOAA and Intellicast

Weather Stations Near Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Pepperrell Cove, Cape Elizabeth, ME
Barters Creek, Cape Elizabeth, ME
Chauncey Creek, Cape Elizabeth, ME
Cape Elizabeth Point Station, Cape Elizabeth Point, ME
Courtesy: Weather Underground