Local heating oil company delivers discount oil to Maine and New Hampshire

Oh hi, we’re Heatable. The new local heating oil company you probably haven’t heard of … until now. But even though Heatable is new to the industry, our people aren’t. We’re industry pros who’ve been around the local heating oil block hundreds of thousands of times. We know how to safely deliver discount heating oil on time, every time, to your home or business.

We’re a local heating oil company that makes ordering oil easy

At Heatable, we’re all about making things easier. Just three clicks on your computer or two taps and a swipe on our Heatable app, and we bring the heat. All you have to do is enter your zip code in our price checker and get today’s super low local heating oil price. It’s as easy as ordering snow shoes from LL Bean, or catnip for your tabby from Chewy. Give it a try. Just check your price and place your order. It’s seriously that easy.

We're committed to connecting with the communities we serve

Heatable has invested a lot in technology to make ordering heating oil easy, and we are also investing in the communities. In December, we partnered with Fair Tide in Kittery, Maine to donate two weeks of warmth to homeless individuals in the Seacoast Area. Check out the details of the One Warm Night Heatable and Fair Tide promotion on Facebook.

Heatable is the “it’s about time” local home heating oil company

Heatable is different from most heating oil companies. Here at Heatable we’re all about technology and how to use it to make things easier and less expensive. Heatable makes it easier for you to order heating oil and easier for us to process your order. And we pass along those savings to you. This means super low local heating oil prices to all of our customers. Even better, you can order heating oil anytime, anywhere – like right now and right here from your smartphone or computer. Just tap, tap, swipe and we bring the heat.

Want a few more reason to change from your local oil heating company to our local heating oil company?

  • You like stuff that’s easy. Same. We make ordering local heating oil as easy as tap, tap, swipe. You can pay for it right from your phone or computer. Use the credit or debit card that gets you the most points or goodies, and get access to all your records and receipts in one, nice little organized app. No more receipts lost in the “important document” file. Save money, save paper, save time. Even better, save your sanity.
  • You like knowing upfront that you got the best price. We don’t believe in offering better prices to some and higher prices to others. Nope. We’re a local heating oil company that offers a one-low-price-for-all policy. No negotiating. No coupons. No punch cards. No contracts. No new customer only rates. The super-low price is the price is the super-low-price, no matter who you are or how keen your negotiating skills are. That’s making stuff easy, too. 
  • You did say you like saving money, right? Who doesn’t?  Heatable is a local heating oil company that has streamlined everything. The efficiency of technology saves us money and we pass those savings on to you. You get a super low price on heating oil all the time - everytime. You’re welcome.

Where does Heatable deliver to?

Currently we deliver to many towns in New Hampshire and Maine. You can view a full list of our delivery areas here. If you don’t see your town listed, just drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll let you know when we’re in your neighborhood.

Ready to order?

Just enter your zip into our price checker or head to our home page. Try it … we think you’ll like it.