Heatable offers low price Heating Oil in the Seacoast of New Hampshire

Heatable delivers heating oil to the following towns in the Seacoast, NH area:

Why Heatable?

Still not convinced? Here's three good reasons why Heatable is the right choice for discounted heating oil.

  1. Heatable is the smart way to order oil. Our website and quick order app put you in control of your heating oil purchases. You can order from anywhere and at any time. Just enter your zip to see your super-low price and get started.

  2. Lower prices for everyone…and we mean everyone. Heatable is committed to providing consistently low heating oil prices. Our technology and streamlined process allow us to offer the same low price to everyone – no negotiating necessary.

  3. We’re heating oil superstars. Founded by industry veterans, we’ve been around the heating oil block (literally hundreds of thousands of times). We know the ins and outs of heating oil and have found a better way to deliver discounted heating oil. We're based in Kittery, Maine, have our very own “rorange” (red-orange) trucks, and make all our own deliveries. It’s a win-win-win!

How is Heatable different?

One sentence: We’re heating oil industry veterans who came up with an easier, less expensive way to order discounted heating oil with next level customer service. Boom.

How can you offer discounted heating oil?

Here’s the beauty of Heatable—because we’ve automated just about everything, we can keep our costs down and pass on the savings to you in the form of super discounted heating oil prices. We also keep it simple by delivering only heating oil (no K-1) and offering one low price to everyone (no new customer specials or preferential pricing), which helps keep our overhead low and our heating oil prices low as well. We can't predict where heating oil prices are headed, but we can keep our costs low to ensure sure our prices are lower than most other heating oil companies.

About that low-price heating oil...is it still good oil?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s the EXACT SAME heating oil as what’s delivered by higher-priced companies. That’s because we all pick up our fuel at the same wholesale supply terminals Maine and New Hampshire. Heatable heating oil is the same high-quality home heating oil you get from other companies – just at a lower cost. How great is that?

How easy is it to order?

Wicked easy.

On your first visit all you have to do is check the price (easy as entering your zip code), tell us your address and where to find your heating oil tank, let us know how much oil you need (or just to fill the tank), and enter your payment info. You’ll be on your way—and we’ll be on ours.

Once you’ve signed up, your next order will be as easy as 3 clicks (or two taps and a swipe on your smartphone).

Seriously, it's as easy as 1-2-3. After you log in, you:

  1. Check the low price. Enter your zip code to make sure we deliver to your area, and we’ll tell you that day’s super low oil price.

  2. Check the delivery date. We’ll let you know how soon we promise to have oil in your tank. Usually, we’re there even quicker, but definitely not later. And to prove it, we’ll slash 10 cents a gallon off the price if for some odd reason we miss that deadline. We pinky promise.

  3. Order Tell us how many gallons you want and which credit card you’ll use. (Don’t worry, we won’t charge your card until AFTER we deliver the goods.) And then we bring the heat!

When do you deliver?

We deliver Monday-Friday all year round and seven days a week in the winter, because winter storms really don’t care what day it is. The best part? There’s no extra charge for weekend delivery–that would defeat the purpose of a low price, no?

Where else do you deliver?

Currently we deliver to many towns in Southern York County, Maine; the Manchester, NH area, and the Seacoast NH area. You can view a full list of our delivery areas here. If you don’t see your town listed, just drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll let you know when we’re in your neighborhood.

How do I get started?

Well, you’re on our site right now, so you can just click on the “Check Price” button to begin. Or download the Heatable app and start from there. It’s that easy. You don’t have to call us, unless you want you, of course. We’re very chill.

Can I speak with a human?

Sure thing. We’re here to answer any questions during normal business hours, Monday-Friday from 8-5 pm at our Kittery office. Call us at (888) 338-4477. Frankly, we’d kind of love it if you called us, because the Heatable app makes it so easy to order that it gets a little quiet around our “world headquarters".

What do our customers say about us?

We thought you’d never ask! Although they make us blush and get all giddy when we read them, here are a few of the many 5-star reviews we’ve gotten on Google from our fabulous customers:

“I ordered oil from Heatable early in the morning and received notice of a delivery that same day for about 20-cents less than anyone else in the area. It was very quick and easy to order and a very quick delivery. I am VERY impressed!” (Chuck M.)

“I was looking for an affordable oil service and found it and then some! I was blown away with customer service and how quickly I received my oil. Dave is an incredibly nice person and was very attentive to my needs. I honestly can’t say enough positive things about this company. They have a customer for life, and anyone looking for a better overall experience, I highly recommend them! Website is easy to use, prices are fantastic, and customer service was hands down the best I have ever had with an oil company. You will be beyond pleased with your decision to use Heatable. From price, to delivery, to customer service, they are second to none!” (James T.)

“Love the ease of being able to order straight from your phone from an App! The price is also way better than anywhere around. I normally spend time searching around for the best deal and nowhere compares to Heatable so far.” (Brooke M.)

“Very impressed so far. Saw the ad during football and downloaded the app. I was shocked to see the cost at $0.20 less than what I was paying previously, and that was already cheap. I set up a new account through the app and ordered a delivery on a Sunday evening, all of which took less than 3 minutes. They said they would deliver Tuesday, but instead delivered a day ahead of schedule. Highly recommended.” (Ben W.)

“They came a day early. Price was lowest around... always a plus. Driver was very pleasant & knowledgeable. Would /will definitely be recommending. Also, my oil gauge was off by 1/4 (unbeknownst to me), and my tank didn't take as much fuel as I ordered, and it wasn't a problem. That is a huge plus as well! Customer service is very pleasant and courteous.” (Luann W.)