Heatable delivers heating oil at super low prices to York County Maine

Heatable’s website and smartphone app makes ordering discount home heating oil in York County, Maine as easy as Tap, Tap, Swipe. See that orange price check box on this page? Just enter your zip code to check out the current (super low) heating oil price and see our (super speedy) deliver by date. You’ll be able reorder home heating oil in less time than it takes to brew your second cup of coffee.

Heatable is the ‘about time’ heating oil company for York County Maine

For more than a decade, we’ve watched technology improve many of the industries around us. From Amazon’s 1-Click ordering to rides from Lyft and UBER drivers, anyone with a smartphone can pretty much order anything from anywhere at any time of the day or night.

So, we asked, why should ordering home heating oil be any different?

That’s why we launched Heatable – the smart way for heating oil users in York County, Maine to manage their home heating oil deliveries.

With Heatable, you can order super low priced heating oil from whenever and wherever you want. Taking your dog for a walk on York Beach, Maine? On your way to dinner in Portland? Or just hanging out at home, catching up on your favorite Netflix series?

When you’re a Heatable customer, if you’ve got a smart phone or PC connected to the Internet, then you have everything you need to order discount home heating oil in York County, Maine.

But how easy is it to order heating oil in York County Maine, really?

It’s soooo easy. Here’s all you do:

  1. Check your price and delivery date at Heatable.com: Just enter your zip and we’ll tell you exactly what your super low heating oil price for is and how quickly we can deliver it to York County, Maine.
  2. Place your order: Let us know how many gallons of fuel you want and which card you’d like to use. (BTW Heatable won’t charge your credit card until AFTER we’ve made the delivery to your home)
  3. Get your oil delivered: This is easiest part of all. Relax. From the moment you place your order until our beautiful, bright orange Heatable delivery truck leaves your home in York County, Maine, we’ll keep you informed.

You can order discount heating oil anywhere, anytime – including right here, right now from your computer, or on your smartphone with our easy-to-use Heatable app.

Are you guys for real? It sounds too good to be true.

When we first started out, people really did call us to make sure that we were ‘for real’. Most were surprised (and relieved) to learn that we really were doing what they heard we were doing – delivering super low-priced heating oil quickly through a simple cell phone app to customers in York County, Maine.

Yes, we’re a real company, with real employees, working really hard to change the way that the heating oil industry serves its customers.

Still think it’s too good to be true? Just give us a call at 1.888.338.4477 at our World Headquarters (i.e. our one room office) located in southern York County, Maine and a Heatable team member will be happy to tell you all about it.

Our online reputation is important too.

From ‘Likes’ to ‘Stars’ and ‘Thumbs up’ as an online oil delivery service company, we definitely pay attention to what people are saying about us online. Here’s a sampling of some of the kudus we’re particularly proud of at the moment:

  • Kristie on Google (★★★★★) : Heatable is AMAZING. I spend so much time working, running around, 2 kids … I don’t have time to call places for things and wait for a call back ... or set up an account that takes an approval time etc. Heatable is hands down one of the best companies I’ve ever dealt with, on all levels. They were the only company around that came out the next day (remember I have 2 kids? ) Everyone else (said they) couldn’t come for 5+ days. In winter? No thanks. On top of all this I paid 20cents cheaper a gallon then the other companies (quoted me). Also, I can do this all online through an app? YES PLEASE! Heatable, for me...is the convenience company of the year! Thank you for understanding that heating our homes is still important although sometimes I can’t call a month early to get a delivery (scheduled). I was with my other (oil) company for 5 years…and made the switch (to Heatable) after just one delivery!
  • Tim on Facebook: “It literally couldn’t be easier. I ordered it on a Wednesday morning, and it was delivered by the time I came home for lunch (the same day)! Give this new business a shot and get their app. They’re doing it right.

You can also check out the rest of our Google Reviews and Facebook Recommendations to see what other customers are saying about us.

So, why haven’t I heard about Heatable before in York County, Maine?

That’s because we’re kind of the new kids on the block. While it’s true that delivering heating oil through the Heatable app is brand new to the industry, the people who are behind it are anything but newbies. We’re a team of industry veterans who’ve been around the heating oil block – literally hundreds of thousands of times.

We may not know much about the latest viral video challenge, but we do know how to safely deliver heating oil - no matter how wicked cold the temps get - in Kittery, Eliot, Berwick, Cape Neddick or anywhere else in York County, Maine.

Download the Heatable app today and find out how easy ordering heating oil can be.

Is there anything different about Heatable’s discount heating oil?

No. We deliver only premium ultra-low sulfur heating oil. Just like most heating oil companies in our area, we get our fuel from the wholesale supply terminals located in Portsmouth and Newington, New Hampshire.

What makes Heatable different from the other heating oil companies is our investment in technology to make ordering home heating oil easier and faster for customers through the Heatable.com website and smartphone app.

So how do you keep your heating oil prices so low to York County, Maine customers?

  • Focus - One product. One service. One price.

  • Automation - Technology improves efficiency.

  • Simplification – Give customers exactly what they want. No More. No Less.

Heatable focuses exclusively on delivering heating oil to customers who want to control their heating oil purchases. Through focus, automated processes and by keeping our service simple to use, Heatable can provide customers with super low-priced heating oil deliveries.Because Heatable is entirely focused on delivering heating oil at a great price to customers in York County and along the New Hampshire Seacoast, we are able to keep our operating costs down and can pass along those savings to our customers.

Remind me again, what towns in York County Maine does Heatable serve?

We deliver heating oil to the following towns in Maine: KitteryKittery PointEliotBerwick, North BerwickSouth Berwick, Sanford, SpringvaleCape NeddickYork Beach, York Harbor, and York. In New Hampshire we deliver heating oil to these towns: Rochester, East Rochester, Dover, New Castle, Newington, Portsmouth, Rollinsford, Rye, Rye Beach, Somersworth. BUT we’re expanding. So, if you don’t see your town yet, just drop us an email with your zip code and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know when we’re headed your way.

Do you have a minimum oil delivery?

Our minimum order for home delivery is 100 gallons. That’s because delivering less than 100 gallons at a time costs more, and our ultimate goal is to keep prices as low as possible for all our customers.  

Do you make your own deliveries or does another company deliver for you in York County, Maine?

It’s all us. No subcontractors here. A beautiful bright orange Heatable truck will always arrive to bring the heat to your home 100% of the time.

Curious about what our beautiful bright orange trucks look like? Click here

What does the “Delivered By” date mean?

Good question. When you enter your zip on Heatable.com or through the Heatable app, the ‘Delivered By’ date that comes up is the date that you can expect Heatable oil to be in your tank. Most times, Heatable will bring the heat sooner than this…but never after this date.

If for some odd reason we actually miss the deadline we promised, we’ll take 10 cents a gallon off the entire order. Game on.

Do you deliver heating oil after hours to York County, Maine customers?

In order to keep our costs down and heating oil prices to a minimum, we typically ‘only’ deliver between the crack of dawn and dinner time.


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