Can I call someone?

Yup. We’re here to answer any questions during normal business hours, Monday-Friday from 8-4 pm. Call us at (888) 338-4477. We'll be there with bells on (whatever that means).

Do you make your own deliveries or does another company deliver for you?

It’s all us. And we handle all our own deliveries so we can make sure the oil shows up when you need it, and when we promised it would be there. Period. 

How long does it take to get my oil?

Enter your zip code on the homepage and we’ll be able to tell you when you can expect your delivery. And then we’ll follow through. Pinky promise. 

Do you charge my card right away?

Nope. We authorize payment for what you order up-front. We don’t actually charge your card for the exact amount of heating oil until we put it in your tank. 

Is my personal information secure?

Yes, 100%. Seriously this is not something we play around with. That’s why we hired Dave and Phil – the smartest and coolest IT guys on the planet.
For those of you that speak internet security, Phil says: “Heatable uses a secure HTTPS encrypted connection and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for everything that happens on the website. We host our site and business on Microsoft Azure, an extremely secure cloud service, and have security scanners, virus protectors, and firewalls in place to keep data safe.”
For those of you that are like, umm, what? That roughly translates to, we use all the best technology and follow all the best practices for securing information input into our website and app. No expense spared here.

Is my payment secure?

Once again, yes. As Phil says: “We use a card processing company,, for all payments. They are a secure PCI-DSS compliant card processor.” Which basically means they meet all the best practices for security. Also we never store your credit card number or security code (CVV - you know those numbers on the back) for any reason.

What happens if the price goes up or down after I order?

Once you order, don’t even worry about the price. If the price is higher on the day we deliver, you’ll still pay the price-per-gallon that we quoted on the day you ordered. This isn’t healthcare, it’s heating oil – we’ll tell you the actual price upfront and stick to it no matter what.

What happens if I order more than my oil tank can take?

No worries. You don’t have to pay for the extra oil that doesn’t fit in your tank. We only charge you for the heating oil we actually deliver. At first, we’ll authorize a payment for the full amount that you order (kind-of like at a hotel or gas station). And then if the actual delivery is less, the amount charged will be adjusted to reflect that.

What is your minimum delivery?

Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons, but only because it costs more to deliver less than that, and our primary goal is to keep the price as low as your iPhone battery after a 6-hour Candy Crush binge – i.e. – as low as we can go without shutting down.

How do I know the size of my tank?

275 gallons is a safe bet. But if you’re not the gambling type, you can measure your tank (or make your SO do it). Most are around 44” high by 60” long by 27” wide. If your tank is significantly bigger or smaller it may have a different capacity. Keep in mind that while most tanks are a 275-gallon size, the usable amount (i.e. the amount that the tank can safely hold and what we will fill to) is approximately 240 gallons. 
But don’t worry, if you order more than you need, you won’t have to pay for it. Our system confirms the amount when the oil is delivered and you only pay for what we actually deliver.