How long will my heating oil last?

Umm, how long does a box of Captain Crunch last? Depends on how hungry you are and how big your bowl is.
A good rule of thumb….
If your energy usage is average, and your home is around 2,000 square feet, a ¼ of a tank should last you about a week during mid-winter months when the temperature is around 20 degrees.

If you have no insulation, or your kid leaves the door open in the middle of a blizzard, all bets are off.

We recommend that you “Order at a Quarter!” to ensure you don’t run out of fuel.

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Who owns Heatable?

Heatable is owned by Dead River Company, a 110-year veteran in the full-service heating oil and propane industry. Heatable operates independently and is focused on heating oil, customers who prefer to manage their own heating oil orders and equipment service.

Where does the heating oil you deliver to me come from?

We pick up our oil from a few major wholesale suppliers in Maine and New Hampshire. These wholesalers supply the entire region. Which begs the question: if it’s all the same heating oil, why pay more for it?

Is there special pricing for new customers? Do you have any discounts?

We know a lot of other companies work that way but we believe in a one-low-price-for-all policy. So instead of discounting up front and then making up for it later, we just go straight to the lowest possible price – the first time and every time. You never have to wait for a special or search for a deal. The price is the price-is the price. We don’t even give ourselves a discount!

How do I know how much oil I need?

If you have a typical 275-gallon tank, you can estimate based on 240 usable-gallons. If your meter is at a half, you have 120 gallons in the tank and need another 120 gallons to fill it. If it’s at a quarter you need 180 gallons. If it’s at another level, you need a calculator. When in doubt, “order at a quarter!”

Do you deliver after-hours?

In order to keep our prices to a minimum, we deliver between the crack of dawn and dinner time.

What do I do if I run out of oil at night?

First, come up with a good story for your SO about why you forgot to order oil. Then, put an order through on the website or app ASAP. Once your order is in, then contact us to let us know your situation and we'll do what we can to prioritize your delivery. To keep your system going until we are able to get there, head to your local gas station with a 5-gallon fuel container and purchase a few gallons of diesel fuel (DIESEL – NOT GASOLINE – this is critical!) and put the diesel fuel in your fill pipe. Diesel fuel at the pump is essentially the same as the heating oil we deliver. A couple gallons will keep you going until we get there, so sit tight and we’ll be there soon.

Does Heatable offer equipment service?

We don’t. Only because there are already plenty of great people out there who do, and many of our customers have told us they have that covered already. Our goal is to keep our heating oil prices as low as they go. If you need help, we recommend calling your favorite HVAC tech. It’s what they do. We just bring the heat.
Not sure who to call? Google’s got your back, just search “HVAC companies near me” – to see all your local options and their customer reviews.

Do you offer automatic delivery?

We leave you in control of how much oil you need and when to order. It’s how we’re able to offer such a low price, and also means you get to order when the price is right, not when it’s convenient for your heating oil company.

When should I order heating oil?

We like to tell people to “order at a quarter” but mostly just because it rhymes and it’s fun to say. Just kidding, it actually does help people remember and not run out of oil, which is a total bummer for everyone when it happens. You can also sign up to get emails from us to keep you informed about when prices have gone up, or so you can tap, tap, swipe at the best possible price.